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by Punishment Due

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released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Punishment Due New York, New York

Hardcore From Long Island, New York

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Track Name: Fatal Flaw
Two-faced, but you taught me about life. You abandoned your convictions at the first sign of anything wrong, anything off. You turned your back. Your fatal flaw.

You always took the easy way out. You only live life to please yourself. Don't try to convince me things have changed. Still set in your ways, you only bring shame.

A simple lie, a selfish life. What else is new? Betrayed by blood, the only ones who should look out for you. Fueled by greed and fueled by lust, you left us all behind, and now you come crawling back. You ask for respect, but you won't get that back.

You turned your back on your family tree. You turned your back for your envy and greed. You spilled that blood on your family tree. You spilled that blood for your envy and greed.

Don't turn your back on your own and you won't have blood on your hands. Don't spill the blood of your own and you won't have blood on your hands.
Track Name: Martyr
Mindless, you pine for a better life. Never felt the upside of love. Misery blamed on family ties and the empty skies above.

It's all just a cell you've constructed for your self. So spill the gas. Strike the match. Set fire to this hell.

After everything you've been through and every battle fought, the only way you'll ever know is selling yourself short. Fuel for your indignation, or just another crutch? Self-righteously burned at the stake in the war you lost; no matter what the cost.

"Death is always close."